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AltSTU offers admission to Doctoral programs for citizens who hold Candidat of Science degree (PhD), have a number of achievements in a chosen field of study and potentially significant to conduct a fundamental, problem-solving and applied research as well as beneficial economically, socially and culturally.

Training for Doctoral degree is full-time. The period of study is three years.

The number of citizens admitted to AltSTU Doctoral programs under federal budget funding is regulated and fall into quota limits annually introduced by Russian Federation Ministry for Education and Science. Admission to study at AltSTU that falls out of introduced quota limits is contract-based with self-paid tuition.

The decision to enroll to Doctoral programs is endorsed by a course-related chair, Scientific and Technical Council and AltSTU Academic Council.

A complete application package must be submitted to Admission Office for post-graduate programs of study:

  1. Application
  2. Copy of a diploma with a proof of Candidat Degree or associate professor status
  3. Pictured employee record issued by HR and notarized at workplace
  4. Detailed plan of research for Doctoral Degree (agenda)
  5. List of research publications, dissertation-related objectives
  6. Reference letter given by a course-related chair (recommendation)
  7. ID and a diploma with a proof of Candidat Degree which are shown in Admissions in person
  8. Two 3×4 photographs
  9. Loose-leaf binder (carton)

Period of study for Doctoral degree is work-related and recorded in work history as educational and research experience.

Doctoral candidates under federal budget funding are granted government scholarships.

Also, those who seek pre-dissertation guidance in research for Doctoral Degree may apply at AltSTU and academic tutorship in dissertation research for Doctoral Degree is available for the period of no more than 4 years. Therefore, an applicant must submit a written statement in the name of Rector and a copy of his/her diploma with a proof of Candidat of Science Degree, a reference letter given by a course-related chair, a pictured employee record and a list of research publications attached.


  1. Dynamics, durability of machines and equipment
  2. Methods and equipment of experimental physics
  3. Condensed physics
  4. Ecology (technical)
  5. Technology in machine-building
  6. Welding engineering technology and machinery
  7. Thermal engines
  8. Methods and equipment of environmental management, by-product and material control
  9. Agricultural mechanization: methods and technology
  10. Electrical engineering and electrical equipment in agriculture
  11. Construction materials and products
  12. Engineering geology, permafrost study and soil science