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Institute for Biotechnology, Food and Chemical Engineering (BFCE)

Beushev Aleksandr Anatolievich


E-mail: baa7@list.ru
Room: 308 ПК building


Бакалавриат прикладной

Бакалавриат академический


Postgraduate course


Our institute shows the useful for our native region, first of all.

Graduates of Institute for Biotechnology, Food and Chemical Engineering benefit not only their own region but also they are in high demand in other regions of the Russian Federation, neighbor countries and beyond. The Institute maintains international contacts. In particular our students have internship in National School of dairy and cheese industry, and wineries of Franche-Comte.

Great attention is paid to research together with students. Each student is a scientist. Such students are able to participate in conferences in other regions. There are several scientific schools, post-graduates. Most of them defend their thesis successfully.

Students’ life dot not only on studies and science. There are a lot of activities concerning history and traditions of University and Institute. It means that our students benefits not only as specialists but also as active socially important members of society.